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The poor can be better off on a green planet

We have heard it said many times: “raising prices on things that hurt the environment hurts vulnerable people“. But does that have to be so? Dr Gazzani’s recent [..]

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WEBINAR: Safeguarding low income groups through green transition with fiscal reform

DATE: 8th AprilTIME: 15:00-16:10 Central European time (Stockholm, Amsterdam)SUBJECT: Fiscal reform to safeguard the most vulnerable during green transitionMAIN SPEAKER: Dr. Flavio Gazzani, University of Rome and TSSEF [..]

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Foundation joins new study to reduce climate risks based on Covid-19 experience

New research, using existing models, data, and studies will analyse, through a systems approach, what beneficial socio-economic changes may be under various scenarios that have emerged during Covid, [..]

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This year’s Stipendium 2019 Awarded to Dr. Flavio Gazzani, University of Rome

This year’s stipendium went to a researcher in Italy, Dr. Flavio Gazzani.

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Ny Briefing: Instrument för att stabilisera ekonomin

Briefingen ger översikt över TSSEF:s återkopplade ekonomiska styrinstrument för systemstabilisering och hållbar utveckling. Dessa ekonomiska styr-mekanismer säkerställer majoritetsförankring för effektiv styrning och långsiktigt hållbar utveckling

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Stiftelsens svar på klimatproblematiken: avgift med återbäring

En rättvis och effektiv lösning med ett klimatåterbäringstillägg Stiftelsen Hållbart Samhälle ( har under snart 25 års tid arbetat med att informera om och väcka intresse för en säker [..]

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Swedish Climate Parliament calls for a true carbon budget

Just as budgets steer every household and every corporation, so should every nation signed up to the Paris Agreement be steered by a carbon budget.  This carbon budget [..]

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Baltic nations’ stewardship of Baltic falls short

Published to day by WWF, a report on the status of the Baltic Sea reveals  that the Baltic Sea coastal countries are failing to deliver on their commitments for a [..]

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Circle Economy training website launched

To fully grasp the economics of sustainability you need to understand the circular economy. The Swedish Sustainable Economy Foundation is launching a series of training videos, some of [..]

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Meet our newest fellow: Michael Linton

We are pleased to announce that  Michael Linton has joined the Foundation as a Fellow.  Micheal will assist in the areas of financial systems for the open society [..]

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