About the Foundation

Background: The Swedish Sustainable Economy Foundation, established in 1995, has as its main purpose to develop and offer systemic approaches and solutions to the challenge of developing society in a sustainable way. The Foundation develops and supports these solutions mainly in the areas of ecology, economy and work. The Foundation takes a non-political, holistic approach to promoting these solutions through research and development, education, spread of information and various cooperation projects, including humanitarian initiatives.

Mission statement: The Mission of the Foundation is to promote the development of the preconditions of sustainability – clean air and water – through the application of financial instruments at national level and the spread of macroeconomic systemic solutions. Furthermore, the Foundation promotes prosperity and sustainable development through applying clean-tech in the provision of food, water, and social security throughout society.

Board members

  • Bo Bergman, Founder and President. Marketing Economist & Marketing communication specialist bo.bergman@tssef.se
  • Anders Höglund, Vice President. Master of Science and Inventor anders.hoglund@tssef.se
  • Stephen Hinton, Secretary. Bachelor of Science, Management Consultant and Author. Stephen.hinton@tssef.se