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Foundation attends third Sustainable Phosphorus Conference

The Foundation is proud to be attending this unique event that  brings together companies, stakeholders, regional and national authorities, innovation and researchers, to discuss phosphorus and nutrients sustainability [..]

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Baltic nations’ stewardship of Baltic falls short

Published to day by WWF, a report on the status of the Baltic Sea reveals  that the Baltic Sea coastal countries are failing to deliver on their commitments for a [..]

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Circle Economy training website launched

To fully grasp the economics of sustainability you need to understand the circular economy. The Swedish Sustainable Economy Foundation is launching a series of training videos, some of [..]

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Where to invest and where to find the money to save the Baltic?

The Foundation, as a member of the Baltic Works Commission, is concerned that the debate over how to invest in restoring the Baltic is being confused by WWF. [..]

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European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform meets in Brussels 2nd December

Stephen Hinton will represent the Swedish Sustainable Economy Foundation as panel member at the event: Policies and tools for the bio-nutrient circular economy Brussels, Wednesday 2nd December The [..]

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Did we save the environment AND the economy? Simulation results.

Stockholm 22 October, 2015: A group of about 15 economics and environmentally-engaged professionals met to participate in the Foundation’s first public simulation of dividend-bearing pollutant fees. The idea is [..]

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Playing with pollution: an introduction to the simulation

This short (3,5 minutes) video explains what goes on in the Foundation’s simulation and business game, designed to increase understanding of economic measures to stimulate pollution reduction. The [..]

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Fiscal reform to drive the circular economy

Stephen Hinton form the Foundation was invited to address the Baltic Sea Action group on the opportunities to drive the circular economy using fiscal instruments. The main thread [..]

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Presentation of fiscal approaches to circular economy

Stephen Hinton was invited to present how fiscal reform could drive a circular economy and help relieve the Baltic Sea of its nutrient burden. This is a longer [..]

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Briefing: an introduction to Environmental Fiscal Reform

Environmental Fiscal Reform (EFR) has been championed by the OECD since the beginning of this century and by among others the International Monetary Fund (see this link). EFR, [..]

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