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Help to write the Manifesto for the New Economy

From now until the NESI Global Forum “New Economy and Social Innovation”, to be held on 19-22 April in Málaga (Spain)  co-creation of the first Manifesto for a [..]

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Environmental Fiscal Reform NEWS October 2017 Volume 2. Issue 1

Environmental Fiscal Reform in Sweden Special Edition:  Scrabbling to take the lead in defossilization, Sweden released ambitious plans to be fossil neutral 2030.Flagship Ericsson sheds employees and factories [..]

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Economics of Happiness

LONDON 14th September. Invest in Peace co-founder Stephen Hinton will be joining Helena Norberg-Hodge in London at the Initiatives of Change conference on the Economics of Happiness.

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Where to invest and where to find the money to save the Baltic?

The Foundation, as a member of the Baltic Works Commission, is concerned that the debate over how to invest in restoring the Baltic is being confused by WWF. [..]

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Did we save the environment AND the economy? Simulation results.

Stockholm 22 October, 2015: A group of about 15 economics and environmentally-engaged professionals met to participate in the Foundation’s first public simulation of dividend-bearing pollutant fees. The idea is [..]

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Foundation representative joins Baltic Works Commission

Starting with its first meeting in December, the new Baltic Works Commission will work in a cross- disciplinary way to address the problem of eutrophication in the Baltic. [..]

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An energy descent framework for COP21 in Paris

In the run-up to the climate talks in Paris, November 2015, the world economy seems to have hit a predicament: restricting fossil fuel burning at a time when [..]

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Fiscal reform to drive the circular economy

Stephen Hinton form the Foundation was invited to address the Baltic Sea Action group on the opportunities to drive the circular economy using fiscal instruments. The main thread [..]

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Another town, this time in Canada looks positively on basic income mechanisms

REPORTED FROM VOX.COM. Harking back to old experiments in the 70s, this town in looking to try a negative income tax approach. Read the article here.

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Dutch city to experiment with Basic Income

The city of Utrecht has partnered with the University of Utrecht for this experiment. Read more here

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