Help to write the Manifesto for the New Economy

From now until the NESI Global Forum “New Economy and Social Innovation”, to be held on 19-22 April in Málaga (Spain)  co-creation of the first
Manifesto for a New Economy starts

Join to this global process through answering some key questions:

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Manifesto for a New Economy

What should be the general goal of the economy? Say the values that the economy should follow. Mention key-tags that inspire you. Which sentences should be included into the Manifesto.
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  1. I think that must at first be a real Democrasy ,with all the people in the goverment ,periodically! Now in this plan of “democrasy” only a small part of the community have in hand the ability to make rules for the majority of the citizen! Note the positive thesis from all the European goverments for CETA and tomorrow for TTIP!I agree to the reality to be something different against the mortal attacks of Capitalism to human community, but at first must understand this community how can change for her wellfare the philoshofy of governing their future via their parliaments in a new WORLD OF REAL DEMOCRACY!

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