A sustainable economy IS Possible

CoverFSSDMost would say that the desire to make money is counter-sustainable. At the same time, people recognize that economic stimulus can make people – and in corollary, machines – change behaviour.

The Foundation, TSSEF, believes that it is possible to stabilize modern economies using feedback loops, pollutant fees and dividends to citizens. One of the leading concepts of sustainability is the Natural Step framework of basic conditions of sustainability. These conditions have been developed with scientific stringency in mind. What has been lacking up to now is a matching economic policy framework.

After several years’ work,The Swedish Sustainable Foundation is proud to release this white paper explaining how to create, via economic policy, a framework with will incentive consumers and producers towards sustainability.

The instruments are designed to ensure that the economy fulfills the basic requirements of providing jobs and prosperity, but in a sustainable way.

Download the report here.FSSD align report R3IA

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