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Did we save the environment AND the economy? Simulation results.

Stockholm 22 October, 2015: A group of about 15 economics and environmentally-engaged professionals met to participate in the Foundation’s first public simulation of dividend-bearing pollutant fees. The idea is [..]

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Kan vi leka fram en klimatlösning på torsdag den 22 oktober?

Hej! Är jorden för god för att kolsyra? Hur ska vi värdera jordens resurser? Delta i vår simulering och lär med oss från Swedish Sustainable Economy Foundation!   [..]


Foundation representative joins Baltic Works Commission

Starting with its first meeting in December, the new Baltic Works Commission will work in a cross- disciplinary way to address the problem of eutrophication in the Baltic. [..]

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Playing with pollution: an introduction to the simulation

This short (3,5 minutes) video explains what goes on in the Foundation’s simulation and business game, designed to increase understanding of economic measures to stimulate pollution reduction. The [..]

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Lek med miljöavgifter den 22 oktober i Stockholm

Hej! Hur vi når miljömålen och får bra ekonomi i det? Vågar vi sätta högt pris på miljön? Följ med till Lilliput och hjälp till att minska landets [..]


An energy descent framework for COP21 in Paris

In the run-up to the climate talks in Paris, November 2015, the world economy seems to have hit a predicament: restricting fossil fuel burning at a time when [..]

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Fiscal reform to drive the circular economy

Stephen Hinton form the Foundation was invited to address the Baltic Sea Action group on the opportunities to drive the circular economy using fiscal instruments. The main thread [..]

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Towards planetary stewardship as a professional discipline

This article is exploratory in nature, investigating the potential for creating a new academic and managerial discipline, one of planetary stewardship. Planetary stewardships has a ceiling, the environmental [..]

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Presentation of fiscal approaches to circular economy

Stephen Hinton was invited to present how fiscal reform could drive a circular economy and help relieve the Baltic Sea of its nutrient burden. This is a longer [..]

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Is the Environmental Fiscal Reform Newsletter for you?

Just a quick line to invite you to our Environmental Fiscal Reform Newsletter. It’s a specialized field, but interest in how to drive the circular economy with economic [..]