New expert paper released: An Economic Policy for Sustainable Recovery

“An Economic Policy for Robust Sustainable Recovery” is a condensed description of economic measures proposed for a robust recovery of ailing European economies. The principles of the proposed measures are based on the more comprehensive paper “An Economic Paradigm for Robust Sustainable Progress”. The following condensed document is aimed primarily at experts in the field of macroeconomics and is a guide to new and effective economic measures to make ailing economies recover and to prosper but the document may also be used to provide non-experts an opportunity to obtain a better understanding of  basic economic realities.

One of the simple, yet powerful, principles behind the proposed measures is that sufficiently strong and transparent economic signals are needed. Economic signals rewarding economic behaviors, individually and collectively, that are genuinely good for the faltering economies. The Swedish Sustainable Economy Foundation is willing to expound on  The Economic Policy for Robust Sustainable Recovery to help anyone who wants to know more, to become more familiar with the new ideas, to get inspiration and to learn how to use the new powerful macroeconomic tools and instruments.

Read the full report here. an-economic-policy-for-robust-sustainable-recovery-alh-march-2012