Extended version of White Paper circular economy with ecological maturity

 coverff Document detailsPublishing Date: April 2013

Title: How Flexible Emissions Fees Can Drive Transition to Fossil-free and Sustainable Living Version 4.0

Authors: Stephen Hinton and Anders Höglund

Pages: 51

This white paper is a comprehensive version of the earlier white papers in the series with major updates and additions. Alongside explaining the flexible fee mechanism, it gives the reader a full scientific AND economic background to the thinking behind the mechanism. From starting out as simple a way to price pollution, the mechanism is demonstrating that it can hold the key to creating the circular economy. A newly written section explains how the fee mechanism can be applied to the circular economy. Fully referenced and with worked examples for three major pollutants as well as a comprehensive explanation of how to put a price on eco-system services through the application of ecological maturity, this paper will give those working with economic policy around the world deep insight into the opportunists to create a market-driven transition to the emission-free economy.






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