Foundation to participate in Nordic Conference on flexible fees

The Foundation has been invited by the Nordic Council of Ministers to present the flexible emissions fee mechanism and take part in discussion of what could drive and what could hinder successful implementation of the mechanism.

The Nordic Council of Ministers has initiated and financed a literature review within the concept of “Flexible emission fees and transfer mechanisms as driver of pollution reduction, and driver of development of sustainable production and consumption”.

A  literature review will present research on emission policy and its implications in a climate change context. The theory is then used for evaluating a proposed flexible tax/fee mechanism by Anders Höglund.

With this literature review as a basis, participants will be invited to the workshop  to discuss and further the concept.

Specifically, the Council is interested in deepening understanding of the drivers and obstacles as seen by various stakeholders to using a pricing mechanism to drive a transition economically to clean technologies.

September 15th in Stockholm, Sweden will be a day for discussion and breakout sessions, where participants develop further the possibilities and challenges with the new model. Invited speakers are; Stefan Fölster, Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, Anders Wijkman, Karl-Henrik Robert from the Natural Step, Johan Rockström from Stockholm Resilience Center and Anders Höglund, Swedish Sustainable Economy Foundation.