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The dilemma

We are facing a dilemma: on the one hand we need to continue to ensure that our economy is sound, preferably with continued growth in the economy and [..]

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Middle East and Libya in a giant water Ponzi scheme

In the UK newspaper, the Guardian, Damian Carrington writes: …a perfect storm of water, food and energy crises and has arrived two decades sooner than even the most sober [..]

Natural resources and economy

Human interference with Nitrogen cycle needs curbing

TSSEF has earlier pointed out how fosil fuel emissions and the handling of the phosphor cycle need to be regulated. We propose a flexible emissions tax. A new [..]

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Water depletion will negatively impact world economies: Richard Heinberg

Writing on the Energy Bulletin blog on March 4th, Richard Heinberg lays out the likely effects of the industrial growth economy on water supplies: depletion. And the effects [..]

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