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Economic Policy CAN end suffering and pollution while keeping markets boyant

Most would say that the desire to make money is counter-sustainable. At the same time, people recognize that economic stimulus can make people – and in corollary, machines – [..]

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Extended version of White Paper circular economy with ecological maturity

  Document detailsPublishing Date: April 2013 Title: How Flexible Emissions Fees Can Drive Transition to Fossil-free and Sustainable Living Version 4.0 Authors: Stephen Hinton and Anders Höglund Pages: [..]

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Emissions Fees: Driving Transition to Fossil-free and Sustainable Living

  How Flexible Emissions Fees Can Drive Transition to Fossil-free and Sustainable Living VERSION 4.02 Stephen Hinton Anders Höglund Published online 17 June 2013  Download earlier, free version [..]

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Sustainable Economic Growth with pollution fees from Stephen Hinton This presentation is a longer version of the one prepared for a presentation at the Swedish Agency of Economic [..]

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Briefing paper: putting price on emissions using ecological maturity impact

The price mechanism does not provide perfect information and does not necessarily lead to a perfectly efficient distribution of resources.  Many argue that the low cost of externalizing pollution to [..]

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Background paper on futures markets and emissions fees released

The Foundation is pleased to announce the publication of the background paper A new method to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases, by Anders Höglund.   The paper [..]

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Climate sceptic U-turns and calls for Carbon Emissions Tax

Well-known economist climate critic Bjørn Lomborg – the self styled “sceptical environmentalist”- is calling for massive investment into climate change measures. To fund them he is suggesting a [..]

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Proposal to solve the CO2 taxation challenge

This discussion paper presents Höglund’s flexible emission fee mechanism applied to the carbon dioxide challenge. This proposal ensures market forces converge on the challenge of reducing emission whilst [..]

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Read our white paper on flexible emission fees on-line

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Report recommends more research on Flexible Emissions Fees

This report  outlines a method to put a price on emissions targeted by government for substantial reduction or complete elimination. The tax provides a mechanism by which pollution [..]

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