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Swedish Climate Parliament calls for a true carbon budget

Just as budgets steer every household and every corporation, so should every nation signed up to the Paris Agreement be steered by a carbon budget.  This carbon budget [..]

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Baltic nations’ stewardship of Baltic falls short

Published to day by WWF, a report on the status of the Baltic Sea reveals  that the Baltic Sea coastal countries are failing to deliver on their commitments for a [..]

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Circle Economy training website launched

To fully grasp the economics of sustainability you need to understand the circular economy. The Swedish Sustainable Economy Foundation is launching a series of training videos, some of [..]

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Meet our newest fellow: Michael Linton

We are pleased to announce that  Michael Linton has joined the Foundation as a Fellow.  Micheal will assist in the areas of financial systems for the open society [..]

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Urgent Environmental Fiscal Reform needed for fossil fuel and nitrogen

The topic of OECD policy discussions since the early 2000s,  EFR, Environmental Fiscal Reform – a shift in economic policies to incentivize businesses to stay within ecological boundaries [..]

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Money and markets can truly serve human values and the Earth

Money and markets are powerful tools in developing our world, most would agree. But many have experienced negative effects in their application; including environmental degradation, unequal distribution and [..]

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Sverige ligger först i arbetet med SDG

Enligt en ny rapport från SDG Index ligger Sverige först när det gäller arbetet med SDG. För att lära dig mer om Sveriges arbete med SDG följ länken [..]

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US Council promotes mechanism for Carbon Dividend plan similar to TSSEF’s proposal

The New York times from 8th Feb 2017  carries an article announcing a carbon dividend plan put forward by leading Republicans including James A. Baker III, Treasury secretary [..]

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The Baltic: a dying sea on the doorstep of industrial giants

At a Stockholm seminar on the 18th January held by the Baltic Works Commission, scientists, government officials and NGOs came together to discuss the dying briny depths on [..]

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(Swedish) 20 år att rädda Östersjön

Fokus: Övergödning genom internläckage i Ösersjön Arrangör: KTH och Baltic Works Commission Tid: 18 januari 2017 Plats: Stockholm City Conference Centre, Norra Latin, Drottninggatan 71B, Stockholm Östersjön står [..]