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Swedish Climate Parliament calls for a true carbon budget

Just as budgets steer every household and every corporation, so should every nation signed up to the Paris Agreement be steered by a carbon budget.  This carbon budget [..]

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How did our economic system create the climate crisis?

Andreas Malm’s latest book analyses the introduction of fossil fuels into the British Economy and sheds light on one of the conundrums of our time: how did we [..]

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An energy descent framework for COP21 in Paris

In the run-up to the climate talks in Paris, November 2015, the world economy seems to have hit a predicament: restricting fossil fuel burning at a time when [..]

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Understanding the role of energy in the economy

There is some debate about the role of energy in the economy. Many economists say that it is demand that fuels economic growth. But Robert Ayres says otherwise. [..]

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