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WEBINAR: peace is the business of business

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A sustainable economy IS Possible

Most would say that the desire to make money is counter-sustainable. At the same time, people recognize that economic stimulus can make people – and in corollary, machines – [..]

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Economics Foundation shows how to use economic incentives to green the economy

PRESS RELEASE Stockholm 2017 05 17 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The latest White Paper from the Swedish Sustainable Economy Foundation proposes that, borrowing concepts from engineering and utilizing the [..]


The Oslo Declaration

Den ambitiösa nordiska klimatagendan och det nordiska ledarskapet ligger fast. Det stod klart när de nordiska miljö- och klimatministrarna på tisdagen antog en ny klimatdeklaration vid sitt möte [..]

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US Council promotes mechanism for Carbon Dividend plan similar to TSSEF’s proposal

The New York times from 8th Feb 2017  carries an article announcing a carbon dividend plan put forward by leading Republicans including James A. Baker III, Treasury secretary [..]

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Republicans mirror Swedish approach in proposing Carbon Dividends

PRESS RELEASE Stockholm 2017 03 01 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE A group of prominent Republicans last week released their proposal for a Carbon Dividend – a fee on fossil [..]

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Regeringens historisk klimatreform för Sverige

2017-02-23 Regeringen har i dag beslutat om ett förslag till ett klimatpolitiskt ramverk för Sverige. Klimatlagen och nya klimatmål ska ge Sverige en ambitiös, långsiktig och stabil klimatpolitik. [..]

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Environmental Fiscal Reform Newsletter February 2017

Most planning rests on the assumption that tomorrow will be like yesterday. We are seeing signs that the very basis for our economy may change rapidly. TSSEF urges strategists [..]

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The Baltic: a dying sea on the doorstep of industrial giants

At a Stockholm seminar on the 18th January held by the Baltic Works Commission, scientists, government officials and NGOs came together to discuss the dying briny depths on [..]

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Sverige utan nettoutsläpp av växthusgaser 2050

Naturvårdsverket har på regeringens uppdrag tagit fram ett underlag till en färdplan för ett Sverige utan nettoutsläpp av växthusgaser 2050.

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